$1,500 Matching Grant – help us meet it by this Saturday 8/12!

We are feeling the love! Last Saturday’s benefit concert at the Stateside Theatre was truly magical. Roger Blevins (of Mingo Fishtrap) and Patrice Pike brought the house to their feet, the silent auction was BOMB, we released a new Niñas Arriba mini-film (will post soon), and hundreds packed the place to raise more than $18,000 for young women in El Salvador!
But it’s not over! A generous supporter and her friend have offered us a $1,500 matching grant to help us raise another $3,000 before this Saturday, August 12 at 5pm! This would allow us to fund two full college scholarships for one year.
Please consider helping us meet this match. It’s dollar for dollar, mi gente, and every buck counts!
Ninas Arriba - Donate Button
Gina Chavez, Jodi Granado, Co-founders Ninas Arriba

Photo from 2017 Ninas Arriba benefit concert by Jacob Weber

After six years, Ninas Arriba now has two college graduates who are part of our new paid internship program with Glasswing International, where they are working on a $10 million park renovation to create safe public space for families. By April 2018, all four of our young women will have their college degrees!
This is seriously awesome! We cannot thank you enough for your support, your donations, and for being a champion for young women like XiomaraMarta, Rosmery and Vanessa. It’s truly inspiring to see this community embrace four determined young women in El Salvador and give them a real chance at creating a brighter future… for all of us!

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